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[    111    ]

[ 0.111 eth ]

[ 3.21.2022 ]

[ Public Sale is live ]

You Pick. You Wear. You EARN.

[ overview ]

Prototype [w] is the first of many P4tchs to enter the metaverse. Only 111 [w] P4tchs will ever be minted.


We envision our earliest supporters owning a [w] P4tch. You can think of this as your golden ticket to upcoming WEAV3 whitelistings, airdrops and as a presale token for our upcoming Jack3T (each P4tch can redeem a free Jack3t)

[ WEAV3 Core Values ]


We all want the ability to express ourselves the way we want to be seen. The avatars we use to enjoy the metaverse will show our creativity and give those around you a glimpse of the type of person you are.


WEAV3 envisions the potential of the metaverse to be a world where not only the clothing we wear can be changed, but the functional abilities can be upgraded to meet the needs of the day. We are creating a wearable system that gives the user the opportunity to change the functional properties of their clothing by swapping the visible assets on the Jack3t.


Our vision is for you to be able to wear the digital assets that would normally be stored inside of your wallet. Your NFT collection says a lot about who you are as a person and what you like. Why should you be limited to only showing off your holdings on Opensea or in a digital viewing room.


You should be able to take them everywhere with you in the metaverse, and show them off with pride as interchangeable badges of honor displayed on the dopest Jack3ts available.


The latest buzzword that is all the rage in the NFT space and for good reason. People are starting to wake up to the idea that NFTs can be more, much more, than simply beautiful works of discretely identifiable pieces of art. Utility is where the magic begins for NFTs and for WEAV3.


We believe utility can be characterized as one of four flavors: Rewards, Access, Services, and Products. The options are truly limitless, whatever you would like to bring to the community can be tokenized and woven into a jacket.


Fashion is quickly becoming the hottest new segment in the NFT space. People are starting to understand what a large role the digital clothing they wear will have on their personal identity and ability to express themselves.


It’s a window into your personality without the physical constraints of the material world. The fashion of the metaverse will have styles, appearances, and functions that have yet to be dreamed of. WEAV3 is starting out with jacket designs to set the stage for what might come next.

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[ Roadmap ]

Q1 & Q2

[ Governance Tokens ]

The Prototype P4tch collection consists of 4 WEAV3 tokens [w][x][y][z]. 


We will be releasing them individually in order from [w] - [z] about a month+ apart to give time for the community to grow.


If you own any of the 4 P4tch tokens, you will be eligible to claim 1 free jacket per P4tch you own + gas.

The Prototype P4tch Collection will act as governance tokens for the WEAV3 DAO. The voting power of [w] being the most and [z] the least.




[ The WEAV3 Jack3t ]

The WEAV3 Jack3t will be the first of its kind.

There will be 5555 in total & all of them will be unique with random traits. They will also be 3D  viewable on OpenSea & the image/metadata will dynamically change when adding/removing P4tches via the sewing machine.

All jack3t owners will also be airdropped a secret NFT that you will be able to use with the sewing machine.


[ Partnerships ]

Unique partners will start to enter the WEAV3 ecosystem 


NFT developers, brands, fashion designers, avatars, PFP NFTs, advertisement for rewards.


[w] P4tch holders will be eligible for instant whitelisting for all future partner minted NFTs.

A WEAV3 marketplace will also be launching which will feature all of our partners P4tches and wearable NFTs and their unique utilities they provide to the WEAV3 ecosystem.



[ Metaverse Developments ]

Purchasing land for WEAV3 to setup shop in the metaverse. Prototype P4tch holders will help pick by voting on the land and location. We would like to build a store with all of the WEAV3 products on display. This will help with marketing and further adoption!

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[Prototype Utility]


Your votes will contribute to the development of the Weav3 ecosystem

Exclusive Communication

Only the w P4tch holders will enjoy access to 1 on 1 discord audio chats to speak directly with the WEAV3 development team


[w] P4tch prototype holders will be automatially whitelisted on X, Y, Z products & future P4tch drops


2/3 of all royalties will be allotted to a Prototype treasury for all P4tch holders to vote upon, collectively deciding what utility/rewards they would like to receive

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[ WEAV3 Versatility ]

Dynamic Wearables

Customize the visual appeal and utility function of your wearable fashion to suit your next mission or desired personal expression.

Metaverse Compatibility

Your Dynamic NFT Wearables travel with you where ever your adventures in the metaverses may take you.

Interchangable Utlity Patches

Upgrade your wearables like downloading  applications to your mobile device, by combining any combination of utility P4tches to achieve a desired benefit or look.

[ Modular NFT P4TCH Platform ]

Dev Team

[ Development Team ]

Alex Burgess

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Hey, I'm Alex! 

Thrilled to be a part of WEAV3 as the lead on Marketing, Operations, Community Development. 

My background is in Finance and Sales Operations. Having worked for several tech start-ups over the past 10 years, I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship and for inspiring the growth of those around me to achieve more of their potential. 

To me WEAV3 is a life long pursuit to create a respected meta fashion brand that will bring fruitful partnerships and new ways to communicate, both in real life and the Metaverse of tomorrow.

I can't eat this whale all by myself. If you agree with the vision for WEAV3, grab a fork and dig in. 

Shamus Perks

  • Twitter

Hi, I'm Shamus!

I am responsible for the smart contract development and visionary direction of WEAV3. It is my hope that we cultivate a community of sustainable growth and unlimited imagination. 


Developing WEAV3 from a simple idea about creating a common thread between people in the Metaverse has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

As a self taught general contractor, building anything you could want in your home, I found that my attention to detail was never rewarded. 

Since starting WEAV3, I believe I have found a space where my bordering obsessive attention to detail, and need to execute at the highest level is rewarded every single day.

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